One of the Many Fun Top Ten Lists From Stacey Wolf's Psychic Living!

Originally published in 1998, this book was updated and reprinted in 2005.

1)Radio - No matter what you are thinking, the song knows the answer.

2) Lawn mower - The loud grumble and constant vibrating can instantly recalibrate your inner senses.

3) Mirror - Stare into it until someone else stares back. This works best if you are sleep deprived.

4) Bowling Ball - Covered up with a tablecloth-it's an instant crystal ball. No one will know the difference.

5) Television - Stand in front of the fuzz at 4:00am. If there are ghosts in your house, they'll suck you into the TV, where they feel you belong.

6) Dishwasher - Oops! Wrong list. That belongs on the household-items -that-cook-fish list.

7) Sponges - It was recently discovered that sponges are actually ancient alien caca left here at the time of Atlantis.

8) Frying Pan - Always a good instrument for seeing stars.

9) Telephone answering machine - Good for taking all those calls from the other side when you are off levitating.

10) Coffee grinds - It works with tea leaves, and after all, this is the new age.