The 100 Top Psychics in America

In 1997 this book helped launch my career. The authors, Paul Noble and Paulette Cooper, saw me on a few TV shows and had their research assistants find me for an interview. At the time I was doing stand-up comedy (I’m still pretty funny!) as well as psychic readings and had not yet had my first book deal. Back then, they titled my piece, The Generation-X Psychic (but that’s dating me a bit!). Here are a few excerpts:

What are some of the psychic jokes in your stand up routine?

“I pick out a guy in the audience and ask, ‘Do you believe in past lives, sir?’ And he'll usually say no. And I'll say, ‘Well, I see that in your past you could've been my brother. No wait--maybe it was my sister. In any case, I want my dress back. And Mom wants to know why you haven't called her in 200 years.’

Or I tell the audience, ‘I'm such a good psychic I write my diary a week in advance.’ Someone from the audience will shout, “If you're really psychic, what's my name?” And I say, ‘Let me guess? Loser’ Do you really want me to guess your name--or what everyone else calls you?’

What's the hardest thing to get used to as a psychic?

I have a lot of one-sided conversations with people. I'll see a client and say, ‘You're getting your hair done tomorrow,’ or ‘Your daughter is going to be in the school play.’ People don't even have to talk back to me. I just know.

How accurate are you?

Many people tell me that whatever I say to them comes true. They'll lose their job, and I tell them that they're going to get an offer for a better job with more money in six weeks that is more managerial-and it happens.