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Never Throw Rice at a Pisces

Never Throw Rice at a Pisces, the first wedding planning guide for brides who like astrology; an invaluable tool that helps brides-to-be navigate through the most unforgettable, and potentially tumultuous, time in their lives. It's packed with sign-specific tips on how to choose the dress, create the perfect ceremony, plan the perfect honeymoon -- all while staying organized, negotiating contracts with vendors, tackling last minute obstacles, and avoiding family clashes! By focusing on the unique personality, specific choices, strengths, and pitfalls each sign faces when planning the biggest day of their lives, Never Throw Rice at a Pisces is a one-of-a-kind book that speaks personally to every bride.

Psychic Living

An accessible, practical collection of psychic tips and exercises that you can use to unleash the inner guidance system we all have within us! Tap your intuitive abilities to identify your ideal career, find your soulmate, shed the fears that stop you from reaching your true destiny and learn life's lessons with effortless grace. This book was originally published in 1998, and was updated and reprinted in 2007. A timeless collection of techniques I have used myself and taught many others throughout my successful, dynamic career.

Get Psychic!

The first psychic book geared towards teens in the genre! The sixth sense is real-and you have it! Use the cool games and quizzes in this guide to discover and develop your psychic powers. Find out what will happen at Friday's party, learn what the hottie in the gym is really thinking, talk to your angels and spirit guides for meaningful guidance. A psychic dictionary explains the hidden meanings of everything around you, and much more. Also included are step-by-step instructions on how to give psychic readings that will blow your friends away. It's time for you to GET PSYCHIC!

Secrets of The Signs

My first astrology book for teens. Astro-analyze yourself. Reveal your relationships with everyone--your friends, parents, siblings, teachers, boyfriend...even celebrities! With diagrams and charts explaining your sun and moon signs and the effects of other planets, this guide will show you what the future holds. Find out what your true personality is, what career awaits you, and whether your man is the perfect heavenly match or a disaster waiting to happen. Uncover everything you need to know-with SECRETS OF THE SIGNS!

Love Secrets of the Signs

Using a playful and direct girl-powered approach, this fast-paced guide offers readers the real lowdown on the connection between love and the stars. Discover how to pique his interest based on his sign, plan the perfect date, keep the relationship exciting, dump him when it’s over, and avoid messy situations along the way. A dynamic guide to unlocking the hidden mysteries of first love.