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Stacey Wolf James

Intuitive, Inspiring, Insightful...

Psychic-Medium Consultations

I do phone, Skype, FaceTime sessions, as well as in-person sessions in Manhattan. I am fast, fun, insightful and very detailed. I use a well-integrated combination of psychic abilities, tarot card interpretation, and mediumship in my work. My timing and descriptions are excellent. I give clear predictions and insightful guidance. I see current events two years into the future and beyond; I can dissect past events; analyze the dynamics in any relationship; tell you how someone feels about you; and describe future events in detail.

I help pinpoint limiting patterns, reframe blocks and issues, illuminate your destiny, and assist you in getting to the next level in your spiritual evolution—all affecting palpable, long-term change in my clients' lives.

I facilitate direct communication with the Divine Essence, can communicate with pets, both living and those who have passed into spirit. You can ask specific questions about any issues in your life and the growth of your soul. My compassionate spirituality and devotion to each client's wellbeing is evident in every session.

While I can communicate with deceased friends and relatives, it is not something that integrates well with the above work in the session times allotted below. If you would like to communicate with a deceased person during your session, please send an email to the office and we will see if it’s possible to accommodate you.

Consultation Schedule and Rates:

30-minute session: $300
50-minute session: $425

20-minute emergency sessions for repeat clients only, when available: $225
In-person sessions are an additional $40 fee for 30-minute sessions, and $60 for 50-minute sessions.

Office Hours:

Phone, Skype, and FaceTime, sessions are typically scheduled between 9-11am or 4-6pm Eastern Time, Monday through Thursday.

In-person sessions are typically scheduled Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays from 3pm-6:30pm and on occasion from 9am to 11am.

If you need a time that is slightly earlier or later, please let us know!

Booking a Consulation:

Please write to with this information:

  • The amount of time you would like to book
  • If you would like to book a phone, skype, FaceTime, or in-person session
  • Times during the office hours you are typically available
  • If requesting a phone, skype, or FaceTime session, please include your time zone.

We move fast around here! My wonderful scheduler returns emails promptly, within 24-48 hours. We get a lot of people writing in for sessions, so if you would like one, please respond back within a day or two to confirm one of the appointments offered you!

Once we've agreed on a time time/date for your consultation, we will send a Paypal request for payment. In addition to your Paypal account, you can use a credit or debit card directly through that link. Paypal sends instructions on how to fulfill the transaction. To complete the process, please respond to this request within 24 hours. At that time, we will get your specific contact information for the session, and/or send you the office address, and go over other important details, and you'll be all set for your reading!

I look forward to speaking with you!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I book a 30-minute or a 50-minute consultation?

You can use the time however you wish, just know that a typical 30-minute session includes information on the two topics you wish most to ask in-depth, and any important things I feel you need to know regarding those issues.

If you have a long list of questions, or plan to ask about your children, your parents, a pet or want to go into greater depth regarding your spiritual growth or your destiny, I suggests you book a 50-minute session but, of course, that's entirely up to you!

I meditate before every session. During that time, I receive channeled information and healing energy on behalf of my clients booked that the day. If you book a 50-minute session, you will receive additional information from that meditation.

Do you record your sessions?

Yes, I make MP3 or MP4 recordings of each session, if you choose to have one made. They are emailed directly to you, or are sent through google drive or within 3 days of your session from If you book your session through a work email, please give us a private one for your recording if you have one.

How should I prepare for my session?

Prepare a list of questions or topics you'd like to discuss. Put them in order of priority, understanding that you may not get to everything on your list. You can ask me anything you'd like--career, love life, soulmate/marriage, health, spiritual growth, etc. If you wish to focus more on channeling Divine Wisdom, or communicating with pets, please mention this at the time of your booking so I can prepare accordingly.

Besides a list of questions, the best preparation is to come with an open mind, without expectation. Needing to hear a specific outcome or answer may interfere with what you are truly supposed to hear right now.

Is there a difference between in person and phone, Skype or FaceTime sessions?

Not at all! The information you get in a reading is exactly the same whether it's delivered in person, by phone or Skype. All readings are just as accurate.

If you live in the NY area, it’s a matter of your preference. If you can’t get in to see me in my office, phone readings are just as powerful.  Skype, and FaceTime readings, we feel like we are right there in the room with each other!

How do I book a consultation?

Once you have decided how much time you'd like to book, write to the office at: (Click here for specifics)

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