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My popular how-to video. Get psychic, 4 steps and 5 minutes. Great for receiving information and guidance from Source, calming the mind to sleep, and for creating a quite state of bliss. It will work the first time you try it--I promise!

The adventures of my Bulldog Clementine: Fashionista. International traveler. Celebrated grumpster. Strolling through life on two continents.

Braco is a Croatian healer whose pure channel to the Divine echoes our very own. Experience his peaceful gaze during straight-to-camera sessions via your computer anywhere in the world. During day-long sessions, he gazes for 5 minutes an hour (the host usually intros him about 5-15 minutes after the hour), sign up for at least three separate hours to get the maximum benefit. Watch the many testimonials on and you'll see people attribute healings of chronic and terminal illnesses, as well as positive psychological and life path shifts to his gift. Create a transformation in any area of your life, it’s free:

Three powerful, Hindu holy women who travel the world to spread their message of love and compassion, and give blessings to anyone who wants one. Their blessings, called Darshan, are among the most powerful, transformational experiences I have had in my life. If you are looking to create change in your life, find out when they will be in your area, clear your schedule and spend as much time with each one as you can!

Visit our super-charming hometown of Frenchtown, NJ, a quaint historic town nestled along the Delaware River. Great boutiques, wonderful restaurants and a plethora of fun outdoor activities!

Head to my favorite upstate New York town for somewhat undiscovered Americana:

My Parisian friends Marion and Lucie take me on a Velib bike ride through Paris!

Take an ecologically-friendly tour of Paris with me.

My Parisian friend Lucie and I explore the beautiful beach towns of Etretat and Fecamp Normandy.

Join me on a tour of the eco-friendly offerings in Bermuda!

My visit to the Dachau concentration camp, outside Munich, Germany:

Join me as I discover the young soul and Feng Shui design of the socially and economically progressive city of Shenzhen, China:

I’d like to thank three talented photographers for the photos on this site!

Budding Roses Photography, Clare Banstead Photography and Guillaume Gaudet.